Mopar® is the brand at Fiat Group Automobiles for aftersales service, customer care, genuine parts and accessories. Mopar® strives to deliver the best customer experience during the life span of your vehicle. Mopar® takes care of your car from the moment it leaves the dealership by ensuring the highest quality service using cutting-edge technology, innovative products, quality and original spare parts.
Genuine parts by Mopar® are designed and engineered to maintain the performance, reliability, and comfort that your car had when it left our factory. Using only genuine Mopar® parts is the best way to get the greatest performance from your car throughout its life span.
Mopar® offers its customers a wide range of accessories, constantly updated and custom built for cars Jeep ® . The products listed in the catalog are unique because they developed according to direct cooperation with the platform design of the vehicle to which it is dedicated: a concrete link that not all companies in the aftersales sector can guarantee. The finest and most reliable materials, the innovative processes and meticulous manufacture are the elements which underpin the production of accessories by Mopar®: the aim is not only to offer customers the possibility of personalising their car, making it unmistakable, but above all not to compromise, for any reason, the reliability and safety level of the cars that they drive. Thanks to the line of accessories by Mopar®, you can give your car an exclusive style, in accordance with your tastes and requirements: it’s not just about the look, but the functionality too.
Need information or assistance? Looking for a workshop or an authorised dealer? Want to know the promotions available?

You can call Jeep® for free from anywhere in Europe (standard network rates apply to calls from mobiles).

Telephone 00800 0426 5337 (00800 0IAMJEEP):

- Press 1 for Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

- Press 2 for Customer Relations Enquires

- Press 9 for Jeep® International services

Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.

Customer Service I Am Jeep® provides:

• Information about the models and services, the sales network and assist with reception of signals and providing the most appropriate solutions

• Roadside assistance, 24-hour 24, 365 days a year to the demands of towing and dépannage in case of failure and accident

The service is accessible through the Toll Universal by major European countries - easily memorised by dialling "00 800 0 I AM JEEP" - through the application I Am Jeep® Mobile, available for free from the Apple Store and Google Play, or clicking on the "Contact Us ".

Every vehicle requires regular / scheduled maintenance. Therefore, we have developed a maintenance plan to safeguard your vehicle’s working performance and efficiency. Following this plan helps to optimise the performance and fuel consumption of your vehicle during its life span and ensures that your vehicles complies with the latest emissions and environmental regulations.
Warranty on motor

With the purchase of your new vehicle is included a 24 months Warranty, starting from the date of delivery and without mileage restriction.

Under this Warranty, the authorized Dealer must repair components which are defective due to a manufacturing defect by replacing them with genuine spare parts or reconditioned parts free of charge.

Operations under Warranty carried out by an authorized Dealership include:

- repair or replacement of the faulty component

- labour needed for the replacement or repair

- supply of consumable materials needed to carry out the repair under Warranty. During the vehicle Warranty period, you can also have the advantage of the Roadside Assistance program.

Paintwork Warranty

The vehicle is warranted against manufacturing defects of the paintwork for a period of 36 months (24 months for Jeep/Chrysler) from the date of delivery.

The Warranty provides for the total or partial repainting of the vehicle to the extent necessary and elimination of any ascertained fault according to the Manufacturer's standard conditions.

Perforating Rust Warranty

The structural elements of the bodywork are warranted against perforations caused by rust, when it occurs from the inside out.

The Warranty provides for the repair and/or replacement of any original, bodywork structural element damaged by perforating rust and is valid for 8 years (for Jeep/Chrysler: 7 years for outer-body sheet metal panels, 2 years for sheet metal panels) from the date of delivery.

We kindly invite you to verify your warranty booklet for country specific conditions.


Return home or onward

If the vehicle is immobilized more than 50 km from the place of residence.


If the vehicle is immobilized abroad and the time needed to repair it is longer than five days, transportation from the authorized Dealership to the place of residence (or to an authorized dealership if in the same city of residence).

Information service

Workshifts and opening hours of the authorized dealerships.

Hotel expenses

If the vehicle is immobilized more than 50km from the place of residence, a stay in a hotel will be organized.

Travel expenses

If the vehicle is not in a condition to continue the journey, a Taxi service will be provided in order to reach the train station or the car rental.


If the vehicle is not in a condition to continue the journey, it will be towed to the nearest authorized Dealership.

Mobile workshop

If the vehicle is not in a condition to continue the journey because of a breakdown or a punctured tire battery run down lack/wrong fuel, a patrol car will be sent to where the vehicle is located to repair it.

Courtesy Car

In case of vehicle reparation following a breakdown, a replacement car will be delivered depending on the repair time.